Vivência Feliz Center


Bureau Veritas in Angola supports

the Vivência Feliz center 

Jun. 28 2021

Bureau Veritas Angola team visited the Vivência Feliz Center.

Bureau Veritas Angola team visited the Vivência Feliz Center, an NGO that cares for street children, rehabilitating them and introducing them to a structured way of life. 

The Vivencia Feliz Center is an emergency shelter with care, located in the city of Luanda. It receives boys aged 0 to 16 years old who are homeless or living in undesirable conditions that have pushed them to the street. The main mission of the center is to protect these young boys from the physical, psychological, and social dangers they face by staying on the streets. To do this, they receive social, psychological, and medical support. The center has 30 beds and 4 reserve beds for young girls in a great medical emergency. 

In order to help these children, the Bureau Veritas team has donated food, school supplies, and subsidized medicines (over the counter).